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Lift your mood

Stress relief,  Anxiety relief, Quick pick up, Sinus clearer

Can have an amazing effect within seconds on some persons. The action relies on the very thin nasal barrier and personal response.  Mood can be lifted and anxiety helped for many. It works in cyclothymia to help overcome the occasional sudden down periods.

Two essential oils are mainly involved: citrus and lavender. Both of these have been used in hospitals for calming patients. These oils have also been laboratory proven on rats. They were visibly anxious outdoors but after the fragrance treatment  moved about measurably much more freely.

The sweet orange oil has been cold pressed so has no sun problems.

Application is by inhaler or applying a little of the balm from the personal carry jar to the outside of the nostrils. Both are the same except for the  beeswax thickener.

Discard 6 months after opening.


CalmU Inhaler $9

CalmU Balm 20ml $9