Deep Care

Deep Care for pain, inflammation and stiff joints

External use only. For sprains, joint pain, arthritis, eczema, psoriasis. Fast acting. May provide long term relief. Stiff joints have been freed up.

The comments about Skin Care safety are generally applicable here too. Deep Care is not recommended for small children but in an emergency may be better than otherwise. Skin Care and Deep Care are partly interchangeable. Both are powerful antiseptics with Deep Care being even more so--it will act strongly against fungi as well. Discard  6 months after opening.

Deep Care balm and oil includes oregano for extra inflammatory control. Pleasant orange fragrance.

The liquid form is faster acting than the balm but even that can provide comfort within a few minutes. For people prone to sore backs or muscle spasm the balm provides a carry around relief.  

The balm is a good starter. It was that which fixed Kevin's knee and hip joint arthritis pain 2 1/2 years ago. Applied 2-3 times a day the pain slowly subsided. There is no assurance that the arthritis itself is affected so keep in touch with your  doctor or carer.

Deep Care Plus oil

3x the oregano for bad situations.  A good starter for bad arthritis or an extra sore  back. If you don't feel like work this can provide comfort within 15 minutes. Just rub a little on by hand.

Deep Care Ultra oil

Sea buckthorn  fruit oil has been added to Deep Care Plus to help repair skin damaged by eczema etc.



RubItOn Deep Care anti-inflammatory, 50ml bottle and pot.
RubItOn Deep Care anti-inflammatory, 150ml bottle for professional use.
RubItOn Deep Care Plus OIl & Deep Care Ultra oil.

Deep Care Balm 50ml $18

Deep Care Oil 50ml $18

Deep Care Oil large 150ml $36

Deep Care Oil Plus 3x Oregano 50ml $20

Deep Care Oil Ultra 3x Oreg. + SBF 50ml $23

Kevin walking 2 Oct. 2018 – 2 1/2 years pain free